Paragon Advantage

By accelerating the timeline from the bench to the clinic, Paragon’s integrated capabilities – spanning research, process development, and GMP manufacturing of biologics – result in continued renewal of intellectual property and increased return on investment for its clients.

Clients benefit from several key features, such as:

Operating from its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland – in the mid-Atlantic region of the US – Paragon observes US east coast operating hours, which are particularly conducive to working with our clients based in North America and Europe. The company also accommodates a number of clients from the Pacific Rim.

Clients enjoy direct interaction with the scientists managing and/or executing their projects. With all work performed by Paragon in its Baltimore locations – or by US-based partners – clients always know who is performing their work.

Clients further benefit from Paragon’s continuous objectives to:

Establish a good working relationship

Maintain production platforms relevant to the clients’ products

Stick to the schedule

Demonstrate our track record

Demonstrate our cost effectiveness (ROI)

Who we are. How we work.

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