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Baltimore biopharm business growing as fast as the field

In just three years, Paragon Bioservices has more than doubled its employee count as it explores the latest in biopharmaceutical development at its Baltimore City location. The company – founded nearly 30 years ago – received institutional funding in 2014 and started...

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Tales From The Trenches

Tech Council of MD and the BioTechnical Institute of Maryland present “Tales From The Trenches”, part of the Biotech Development series at the University of Maryland BioPark (Drs Marco Chacon of Paragon Bioservices, Ted Olsen of PathSensors & Paul...

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Not a Sterile Debate On Aseptic Services Crunch

Marco A. Chacón, President & CEO at Paragon Bioservices, Inc., who counts as many biotech as pharma customers, echoes this focus on the right capacity. He’s investing in his facilities to stay ahead of customers who are developing new vaccines, oncology...

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Strategies for Ebola Vaccine Production

Dr Carey Connelly, Senior Research Scientist at Paragon Bioservices, gave her presentation “Strategies for Ebola Vaccine Production” at the Vaccine Development & Production Summit in Boston, December 9, 2014.

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