Our Areas of Expertise

Over the twenty-five years of its existence, Paragon Bioservices has embraced the challenge to help our client’s with their novel biopharmaceuticals and innovative technologies.  In no uncertain terms, this past experience enhances the value of our CDMO services and makes Paragon unique among its peers.  In addition to the more standard recombinant protein therapeutic and monoclonal antibody manufacturing projects, Paragon also offers expertise in the following areas:

Vaccines (including conjugated vaccines)
Virus-like particles
Baculovirus expression vector systems
Transient mammalian GMP manufacturing
Recombinant viral vectors (AAV and Adenovirus)
Live virus manufacturing
Bacteriophage (anti-microbial control)
Electron Microscopy
Government contracts

Paragon offers a highly-trained scientific and manufacturing staff with decades of experience – over a third of which have advanced scientific degrees – who are empowered to make decisions to move your project forward.  Paragon’s team approaches each project with the understanding that every client’s development and manufacturing goals are unique.  Their experience and know-how lend creativity in problem-solving to tackle the most complex manufacturing challenges.


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