Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems

Paragon Bioservices is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization that has considerable experience in process development and manufacturing of reagent-grade proteins and clinical-grade biopharmaceuticals utilizing the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS). In fact, Paragon was one of the first contracting organizations to obtain a license from Texas A&M in order to offer such services. Past development projects have included those for therapeutic proteins, vaccine candidates, rAAV, and virus-like particles (VLPs).

Services include:

Vector design

Viral stock generation including potentially clonal selection

High-titer stock production and purification

BIIC generation

Process development and scale-up manufacturing

Paragon has worked with all the standard BEVS technology platforms and has experience manufacturing with these technologies in all the relevant insect cell lines (i.e. Sf9, Sf21, and Tni cells).  Starting with only client supplied theoretical amino acid sequences, Paragon can generate a Baculovirus vector to express the desired drug candidate.

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