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Paragon focuses on preclinical development of all biologics, including recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, recombinant viral vectors, bacteriophage, RNA, cellular therapies, and vaccines (whole cell, live virus, virus-like particle, antigen-based, and conjugated).  Research-grade products produced by Paragon typically are utilized by pharmaceutical companies to support their high-throughput drug development infrastructure, biotechnology companies to generate early material to validate their pipeline, and government and academic groups to advance cutting edge scientific discovery.  Paragon also possesses a broad list of analytical capabilities, such as electron microscopy, that can be used to characterize reagent-grade materials generated at Paragon or provided by the client.  As detailed in the figure below, combined, these services provide an integrated set of capabilities that can support any client from early drug discovery through clinical manufacturing.

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