Manufacturing Miracles™

Important Therapeutic Areas

Paragon specializes in the development and optimization of therapeutics across central therapeutic areas of public health. Our expertise helps clients address some of the world’s most serious conditions to orphan indications.


Gene Therapy

  • Adeno Associated Virus (AAV)
  • Adenovirus, HSV, Retrovirus


  • Virus like particle (VLP)
  • Wild type Viruses
  • Microbial proteins, conjugates

Other Biologics

  • Therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies
  • Oncolytic Viruses
  • Bacteriophages
  • Microbiome, live bacterial


Our goal is to help our clients change people’s lives. Some of these diseases are a significant burden to a family. Therefore, our mission is to help our clients manufacture miracles.  We are committed to developing these next-generation therapies to fight for families against the devastation of diseases.