Who We Are

We don’t just incubate new ideas, we elevate them. We pride ourselves on having some of the best minds in the business working with the most advanced technologies. We join with you, in uncommon partnership, to formulate the best approach for your needs. As unique as the concepts we cultivate, every path from the bench to the clinic is tailored to ensure that results are timely and efficient. Results with you, for you, that deliver your success.

You can trust our dedicated staff of scientists, engineers, manufacturing associates, analysts, project managers, and quality professionals. We’re resourceful, forward-thinking, and results-driven. We immerse ourselves in your idea so that we understand it every bit as much as you do and can take on your mission as if it were our own. We know you may have just one chance to bring the next transformative medicine to market, and we live and breathe that with you, committing our time, attention and ingenuity to deliver on your dreams of treating the untreatable and curing the incurable. We believe that’s how you become a model for the industry – a paragon.

Our track record speaks for itself. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped to successfully develop and manufacture more than 50 different biotherapeutics and vaccines with our clients, creating the ideal environments in which life-changing ideas can flourish. This comes from constant evolution and innovation. It comes from providing the highest quality solutions based on cutting-edge science, logical thinking, years of experience and the passion of people invested in doing right by humankind.

Our Mission

We endeavor to enable our clients to treat the untreatable and cure the incurable by supplying them with unsurpassed expertise in the manufacturing of their complex biopharmaceutical. We are committed to providing our clients with an unparalleled partnership based on full transparent communication and unwavering passion to deliver results.

Our Focus

We provide industry-leading cGMP development and manufacturing services for cutting-edge biopharmaceuticals such as recombinant viral vectors, next-generation vaccines, hard-to-express recombinant proteins, and oncolytic viruses. Paragon’s scientists, engineers, quality experts, manufacturing operators, and project managers are experts working with biologics from research and process development to cGMP manufacturing for clinical trials and commercial launch.

Innovation is at the center of everything we do. We are constantly improving our procedures and experimentation to stay current with the latest methods and equipment.

Quality is evident in every step. From design to manufacturing, our focus is on producing a defined, cost-effective, and safe product. Our staff is key to the quality and success of each project.

We take the initiative to ensure each process we create is scalable, reducing redundancy and saving our clients valuable time and energy.