Baltimore, MD

Our Paragon Gene Therapy facility, located at the University of Maryland (UMD) BioPark in the city of Baltimore, MD, specializes in upstream and downstream process development of viral vectors for clinical applications. Baltimore is a hub of national and international travel and communications and is also home to a wealth of major universities and several federal agencies, including the FDA, USDA, NIH, Johns Hopkins University and UMD Schools of Medicine.

The 128,000 sq. ft. facility houses process development labs and cGMP clean room suites for phases 1 and 2 programs. At Paragon, we focus on a variety of transformative technologies, including gene therapies (AAV), next-generation vaccines, and oncology immunotherapies.

801 West Baltimore Street, Suite 302
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: +1 800-545-6569

Harmans (BWI), MD

Our Paragon Gene Therapy clinical through commercial, state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility is located 5 miles from the Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) airport. This location is only 13 miles from our  Baltimore City location as well as Washington DC’s 270 Biotechnology Corridor and a wealth of top universities and government agencies.

The 151,000 sq. ft. facility can house up to 10 cGMP manufacturing suites, including fill/finish, and contains central services labs, testing labs and acts as our central warehouse and supply chain hub for Paragon Gene Therapy. This location supports phase 3 through commercial manufacturing of advanced therapeutic products including AAV vectors, next generation vaccines and oncolytic immunotherapies.

7555 Harmans Road
Harmans, MD 21077

Phone: +1 800-545-6569