Manufacturing Miracles™

Gene Therapy & Rare Diseases

Unparalleled manufacturing expertise in the hottest therapeutic areas of biotech

Manufacturing Expertise

As a CDMO, Paragon has the privilege to work with biotech, academic, government and pharmaceutical companies that are utilizing the latest technologies in cell and gene therapy. We are dedicated to our clients and help develop their methods into a scalable and commercially viable process.

Whether is it insect, transient mammalian, or virus mediated rAAV production, Paragon has experience scaling-up and developing a process tailored towards our client’s bottom line. Your technology is not cookie cutter; why should your manufacturing process be?

Targeted Therapies

There are currently over 70 rAAV candidates in late-stage development

Key Technologies

Manufacturing yields >10E5 viral genome particles per cell further boosting feasibility

Over the years, Paragon has helped its clients move from an adherent culture into a scalable, suspension-based process utilizing serum-free/animal-free components. (Serotypes 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, & 10). 

We are industry experts in the standard manufacturing practices for the rAAV including transient mammalian, baculovirus, and HSV.

>75% of our current contracts are for Gene Therapy

There is a strong global demand for rAAV manufacturing and only limited CDMO capacity

rAAV has become one of the most popular delivery methods for gene therapy, being used in more than 100 ongoing clinical trials globally