Manufacturing Miracles

Microbial Control

We work with our clients to control the growth of harmful microorganisms through innovative technologies and collaborative partnerships.

Clients with projects that target antibiotic-resistant bacteria or foodborne bacteria come to Paragon for process development and large-scale manufacturing of bacteriophages.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that, annually, 76 million people become ill, another 300,000 are hospitalized and more than 5,000 die from eating food contaminated with a foodborne pathogen such as E.coliListeria and Salmonella.

Bacteriophage solutions are currently being used to eliminate contamination from the food and water supply. Their use in pharmaceutical initiatives provides relief from bacterial infections and helps solve a variety of human problems without the adverse effects of some traditional antibiotics. They also have multiple applications and advantages for pathogen control in the agricultural, industrial and biodefense sectors as well.

Since 2000, Paragon Bioservices has been helping clients with the process development and large-scale production and purification of bacteriophages. We help scientists develop safe, natural bacteriophage solutions for food safety, animal health, and veterinary applications, human therapeutics (infectious diseases), biodefense, industrial applications (food and meat processing plants, hospital sanitation, etc.)

All bacteriophage work is performed at Paragon’s facility at the University of Maryland BioPark—and is segregated from all other research and manufacturing operations.