Next-Generation Vaccines

Vaccine development begins at the bench. Whether your vaccine program requires the expression and purification of proteins, virus-like-particles, polysaccharide conjugated vaccines, recombinant viral vectors, or live-attenuated pathogens (viruses/bacteria), Paragon Gene Therapy will help you with your research and pre-clinical vaccine studies. As the project advances, we will also provide cGMP manufacturing services to bring your vaccine candidate through clinical trials.

Specific experience to date include:

  • VLP Candidate Vaccines (Transient Mammalian and BEVS Expression)
  • HPV, HIV, Ebola Zaire Virus, Ebola Sudan Virus, Marburg Virus, CMV
  • Antigen Candidate Vaccines (including Polysaccharide Conjugated Vaccines)
  • Salmonella, S. pneumoniae, Cholera, Chlamydia, Anthrax, HSV
  • Alphavirus Replicon Particles (Ebola, Zaire, Sudan and Marburg Virus)
  • Live-attenuated Virus & Bacterial Vaccines
  • Chlamydia, RSV, CMV, Oncolytic viruses, Shigella, S. pneumoniae, C. diphtheria

Received government funding to counter bioterrorism and treat pandemic and emerging disease threats

Approximately 50% of our historical projects have been vaccine related