Manufacturing Miracles™

Next Generation Vaccines

Vaccine development begins at the bench. Whether your vaccine program requires the expression and purification of proteins, virus-like-particles, polysaccharide conjugated vaccines, recombinant viral vectors, or live-attenuated pathogens (viruses/bacteria), Paragon will help you with your research and pre-clinical vaccine studies. As the project advances, we will also provide GMP manufacturing services to bring your vaccine candidate through clinical trials.

Received government funding to counter bioterrorism & treat pandemic and emerging disease threats

Approximately 50% of our historical projects have been vaccine related

Therapeutic vaccines offer a paradigm shift — using the immune system to treat diseases as well as to prevent them.

Specific experience to date include:

VLP Candidate Vaccines (Transient Mammalian and BEVS Expression)

HPV, HIV, Ebola Zaire Virus, Ebola Sudan Virus, Marburg Virus, CMV

Antigen Candidate Vaccines (including Polysaccharide Conjugated Vaccines)

Salmonella, S. pneumoniae, Cholera, Chlamydia, Anthrax, HSV

Alphavirus Replicon Particles (Ebola, Zaire, Sudan and Marburg Virus)

Live-attenuated Virus & Bacterial Vaccines

Chlamydia, RSV, CMV, Oncolytic viruses, Shigella, S. pneumoniae, C. diphtheria